8 Pad Abs Stimulator – EMS Abs Toner Muscle Trainer (Sold by Comfort Click and Fulfilled by Amazon) +£4.49 Non-Prime

£12 – Amazon
If you are looking for a fast, effective and convinient way to get toned abs from the comfort of your own home, look no further than the EMS advanced workout offered by the 8 Pad Abs Stimulator. Our sophisticated TENS machine works using painless electrical impulses to contract and relax your muscles for a deep ab workout that can be carried out in under 30 minutes. With 6 modes, you can also customise your workout to suit your individual needs and the replaceable gel pads use a safe, natural adhesive that make these pads suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Saves Time – No need for endless crunches, The 8 Pad Abs Stimulator is great for a quick 12 minute ab blast.
Customised Sessions – 6 modes of function means you can tailor a workout that is perfect for you.
High-Quality Material – Comfortable, irritant free material makes for a pleasant wearing experience in session.
Hypoallergenic – Our pads use hypoallergenic gel that is suitable for sensitive skin.
Disclaimer: If you have any pre-existing heart or nervous system problems, or you have a pacemaker fitted, we recommend consulting your GP before using this product.


Step One – Insert and secure batteries in the main console device.
Step Two – Attach the main console device to the centre of the gel pad pack via the two buttons.
Step Three – Remove gel pad cover and make sure your abdominal area is clean and dry .
Step Four – Then place the gel pads on to your abdominal area, ensure they are placed down flat and then smoothed over for the gel adhesive to properly stick.
Step Five – Turn on the device using the ‘ON/INC’ button on the console device.
Step 6 – The device will begin stimulation and the mode of stimulation can be changed by pressing the ‘programme’ button, the intensity of the sensations can be altered by pressing either the ‘ON/INC’ or ‘OFF/DEC’ button.