BitFreezer Give yourself peace of mind with our cold wallet

BitFreezer is an architecturally advanced and Secure Crypto Wallet Simply generate a cold wallet within seconds.

Features of our Secure Crypto Wallet

Features such as:

Multi-Level Encryption
User-Friendly Design

Make us the most advanced hardware wallet substitution available on the market.


Our patented double-layered, triple-element technology ensures the highest level of encryption when accessing your cryptocurrencies from your smartphone. Each session is strictly operated in RAM, meaning that all data is erased after the app is closed and the private keys are never stored on the app. In case your phone or private keys have been lost or stolen, simply use your seed to recover your crypto wallet. Alongside this, your keys are always protected thanks to decryption key split, which is a method we use to keep the private keys in an encrypted package. This process eliminates the threat of potential targeting by hackers of our server-side. Thanks to this architecture, only the user has access to their secure cryptocurrency wallet, making it exponentially more difficult for third-parties to compromise the funds.


We value privacy and never store any sensitive user information online. Your cold wallet is where you hide it, rather than on any server, meaning your holdings are known only to you. Every bitcoin wallet, bitcoin cash wallet, ethereum wallet and erc20 wallet created is completely managed by you with user-controlled private keys. Moreover, to protect wallet holders from data sniffing, we inject data packets with cryptographic salt which is randomly generated data that confuses anyone who could potentially intercept those packets. Secure cryptocurrency like never before with our intelligently designed mobile app!

Simple Setup

Unlike any hardware wallet that takes 15 minutes or more to set up, the process of creating a BitFreezer wallet can be completed within 60 seconds. After downloading the app, set up your BitFreezer account by creating a memorable username and password. Then, simply follow the in-app instructions to create a cold wallet. With each wallet created, you will receive a unique private key. Remember to ALWAYS store your seed OFFLINE, as this is the only way to recover your wallet.

Multicurrency Wallet

With BitFreezer, users can create multiple cryptocurrency wallets. As of now, users can create a:


Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin Cash Wallet
Ethereum Wallet
ERC20 Wallet

Cross-Platform Compatible

Now users can access their bitcoin wallet, bitcoin cash wallet, ethereum wallet and erc20 wallet on Android devices without needing to create separate accounts for each device type.

Offline Storage

While a hardware wallet requires you to store crypto on set devices, BitFreezer gives you the option to select any cold storage device. From a thumb drive to an SD card, select any cold storage device you wish that can be connected to your smartphone!

App Store
Google Play

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