EPOS SENNHEISER GSX300 External Sound Card, £23.94 @ Amazon

£23.94 – Amazon
Seems a good price, though I don’t know much about this sound card.

Price comparison: https://amzn.to/3lPCE04

Details here:

The gamer seeking enhanced audio performance instead of relying on their PC on-board sound will find excellent value in the GSX 300 external sound card. Paired with a gaming headset, the GSX 300 together with the EPOS Gaming Suite delivers digital sound processing and customizable 7.1 EPOS Surround Sound. An LED ring around the volume dial illuminates blue for 2.0 and red for 7.1 sound mode.

High resolution audio in stereo mode
Advanced audio control
Customizable smart button for quick mode switch
Customizable 7.1 surround sound with EPOS Gaming Suite
EPOS Surround; proprietary 7.1 surround sound

External sound card
Upgrade your audio instead of relying on your PC’s on-board sound
Synchronized with Windows® 10
Synchronized with Windows® 10 so you can see your loudness level
Smart button control
Switch between stereo and surround sound modes or between sound profiles
Stylish minimalist design
A contemporary high-tech look, yet unobtrusive minimalist footprint

Tweak the audio to achieve excellence on the field of battle
Put on your wireless GSP 670 or GSP 370 gaming headset or use the GSX 300 external sound card to listen to the difference in the sound as you tweak the audio settings in the EPOS Gaming Suite*.
We developed the EPOS Gaming Suite to provide you with control over your game audio.
With a full equalizer, noise control settings, microphone tuning, surround sound settings and more, explore all possibilities and customize your sound to create your perfect audio experience.

*Your Sennheiser gaming team is now known as your EPOS gaming team. We are the same team dedicated to developing premium audio products for the world of gaming and remain behind the renamed EPOS Gaming Suite.