How To Start a YouTube Channel for Fun & Profit 2021 Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Filming, Uploading & Making Money from Your Videos

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Have you always wanted your own YouTube channel but had no idea where to start?

Then this is the book for you!

How To Start a YouTube Channel for Fun & Profit 2021 Edition: The Ultimate Guide To Filming, Uploading & Promoting Your Videos for Maximum Income is the definitive book for taking you step-by-step through the entire process of starting your own channel!

Written by Ann Eckhart, herself a long-time YouTube content creator with two active channels, you’ll learn all about the following:

  • How to create your YouTube and AdSense accounts
  • What filming equipment you will need, everything from cameras to editing software
  • Ideas for your channel’s theme and content
  • All of the ways to make money on YouTube, from AdSense revenue and sponsorships to affiliate and referral income
  • How to market your videos for FREE on social media
  • Best practices for being a successful YouTube creator

In addition, Eckhart walks you through a day in her life of filming, editing and uploading YouTube videos to her two channels. She also provides you with an extensive list of “tags”, which are question and answer lists that provide you with easy-to-create videos ideas.

Whether you just want the creative outlet of making videos or are seriously interested in learning how to make your YouTube channel an actual business, this book covers it all. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn all about how to have FUN on YouTube while also racking in the PROFITS!