AWD Ryzen 5 3600 + RTX 2060 16GB RAM 240GB SSD Windows 10 System for £829.94 from AWD-IT



£829.94 – AWD-IT
love seeing a deal which is close to another deal, but not better…. then a little later that deals been tweaked.

you know straight away it has, as mention when it comes to AWD The Golden rule look Beyond their daft 240GB / 8GB offerings and look at the value and then if that is bang on then its usual decent to BOOST up vs some which aint.

this next system, has “windows” and 16GB 3000mhz ram = “Bravo”

but is it better? / has at it just been fluxed at the given comp price?

Their target =

Palicomps £825 deal..
AWD Price is £829.94

Clearly the palicomp one is £825 without windows (875 with but u can diy and we know the tricks) , and AWD is £829 with. //marketing aspect gain by our eyes, AWD has the upper hand?

Ryzen 5 3600 £150
Spec 05 Corsair budget case £40
16GB 3000mhz ram £65
240GB SSD £24
MWE CM PSU 550w £50
MSI B450M-Pro VDH £65
RTX2060 Card £340
price of parts / £735
Then windows charge £89
pretty much deal that price of £829.99 built (there own prices of parts prob bang on)


Ryzen 5 3600 £150
Cit Flash £40
16GB 3000mhz ram £65
480GB SSD £47
Kolink 500w £40
1TB harddrive £35
RTX2060 £340
B550M-K Motherboard £90
internal Wifi £12

Value of £819

Their price £825 built.

so at £829 /825 the later deal u get more “HARDWARE” for ur money and u can DIY windows urself. gonna be more of a bonus to VOTERS!.

But Voters aint buyers and 7/10 buyers BUY WINDOWS from them..

so lets look at windows.

The pali one u can buy without windows and let them repitch u a super deal using the management package, – few tricks many know or u can keep it on the site and its on this RTX2060 package its +£50

palicomp £875 vs awd £829. (windows)

so overall AWD is cheaper ^ not rocket science to see, hence their goal..
if u take their £829 package, and u add 1TB hard drive at £35

+ wifi card at £10.99 for the Tenda,

we are talking an easy £875…….

but yet the palicomp has a higher board of b550m-k then the older b450m
then u got the aspect of 480GB SSD vs 240GB SSD

thats the main parts, but awd can come back stronger if u divert away from these parts too.

so has this deal been fluttered around the palicomp deal IMO: 100%.
is this a bad deal then: NO

there is 100 type of RTX2060 deals on the web atm, RTX3060 is gone daft not much choices remaining most are a joke and even so the breakdowns on what has been competive still means that card is £440 vs £340 for the older version of the 2060.,

//obvious if u got 1k.. go 3060 for the good ones when they come(only one i see left u must add on a monitor too from costco), obvious “upto folks i.e 800/900 then RTX2060 over 3600 is solid for not much drop in performance.

thats the ins/out in the VS even IF this deal comes in 2nd place it is still one of the best competive RTX2060 deals on the web. vs the hundred which are way over value.

end of the day, more choice on the table.

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