Intel 10400F + RTX3060 + 500GB NVME + 650W PSU + Windows 10 + from Laptop direct



£892.97 – Laptops Direct
& here we go again…

saw a deal at palicomp on Thursday night for £1200 which sucked, pitched it to do better, and they lived up to expectations again, its now on here.

and then the result “punch wants to wade into the ring with a knockout too”

Punch have now got 2 deals.

1) Budget entry version featuring the intel 10400F
2) VS Palicomp 5600x / 3060 combo at £1200ish

Deal 1 (lot will be looking at this aspect. that sub 1k build)


Punch Technology Cougar RGB Core i5-10400F 8GB 500GB SSD NVMe Nvidia RTX 3060 Windows 10 Gaming PC GDT-705-1150

Intel Core i5-10400F 6 Core 12 Threads CPU,
16GB DDR4 2666Mhz (1 Used)
Windows 10 Chipset
H410 Motherboard
650W PSU
Coug Mesh Case

Going for a RTX3060 on a intel 10400F with Hboard with low ram n single channel ram will NOT get the full advantage of Graphics Card in FPS terms.

But is it the best system in prebults for £892.97 which is gonna offer u the max FPS for that BUCK…. YES.

#use it as it is cos ur a £900 budget person and just sit back and enjoy.
#crank another stick in it and go dual over 32GB 2x16gb //folks took this advice for ebuyer deals and loved it //
Flip the motherboard/cpu/ram n check combo deals elsewhere (AWD is good for them) flog the combo on fleabay as they make good returns.

Deal: 5600x/3060 £1209.97

VS – £1200.00

Punch vs Palicomp
5600X vs 5600x
RTX3060 vs RTX3060
500GB vs 1TB nvme
16GB 3200mhz vs 16GB 3200mhz
650W “low budget” vs 650W GOLD “brand
B550 VS B550 Wifi
windows vs no Windows
Coug case vs Gamemax Kami
Wifi Vs Built in wifi

on this one there is £9.97 cost on the Punch one, it is a budget PSU in the punch one as usual, and then u got half the NVME, Board type is presumed as usual with budget to be lower, so all in all i would for the same cost get the palicomp and DIY windows myself and have better hardware then software for the same buck. – alot of members will complete agree with that statement by that, but on the other foot Me+them are not buyers, so overall if ur a person who does desire windows then the overall cost can be a factor in so punch maybe for u time u whacked in the palicomp charge for windows if u wasnt going to do it self on a 1200 rather then 1275 budget, – ur the buyer… we aint and im only here to help/advice.

isnt it strange one does one aspect then the next the other copies lol… but if its bring some slabs to the table why not.

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