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Incense material is burnt in front of deities as per the Hindu rituals. When burnt, it spreads fragrance creating holy atmosphere. The incense material, known as Dhupa, purifies the ambience for the deities. The ritual is included in the sixteen steps of worship. Burning Dhupa is included in the regular as well as occasional worship of deities.Agarabatti is the miniature and handy version of Dhupa. It is long stick which has coating of Dhupa.

Panchavati Perfumed Dhoop are made from famous Musk, Sandalwood & other best quality Indian Perfumes
There is no need of utensil to burn such Dhupa. It is very commonly used and an easier alternative to burning Dhupa in daily worship.India has a rich tradition of using incense in many social and religious occasions since time immemorial
Use Incense To practice yoga To meditate. To unwind To encourage emotional release. To deepen spirituality. To get inspired. To revamp your routine To heighten awareness. To nurturing a sense of self. To heal To soothe. To get it on.
Packaging – 12 Boxes. One Box has 10 Incense stick of 6 cm.