Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Key Stage 3 – Workbook & Answers – Amazon £1.79



£1.79 – Amazon
Nice find if you feel your child could do with a refresher/catch up at home. Comes with all the answers too in case this was never your thing at school.

For Ages 11-14 years

These series of workbooks are normall around £5.

Packed full of superb questions ― ideal for supporting catch-up at home!

This Workbook (including answers and a free Online Edition) is packed with practice questions for Key Stage Three Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (ages 11-14). It’s perfect for helping students build all the important SPaG skills, and answers to every question printed at the back so that they can check their own work. Matching study notes are available in CGP’s KS3 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Study Guide (9781847624079).

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