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“Midrash is biblical exegesis by ancient Judaic authorities, using a mode of interpretation prominent in the Talmud. The word itself means “textual interpretation”, or “study”. The Midrash collects background and supplementary material on the Hebrew Bible and interprets Scripture in that manner. It contains early interpretations and commentaries on the Written Torah and Oral Torah and forms a running commentary on specific passages in the Hebrew Scripture (Tanakh).
Tales and Maxims from the Midrash:
Alexander of Macedon
Ashmedai, The King Of Demons
Genesis Rabba
Exodus Rabba
Leviticus Rabba
Numbers Rabba
Deuteronomy Rabba
Midrash Ruth
Midrash Song of Songs
Midrash Ecclesiastes
Midrash Lamentations
Midrash Esther
Midrash Psalms
Midrash Proverbs
Midrash Samuel
Midrash Tanchumah Or Yelamdinu”