The Adventures of Bumble Pea and Koala Pear: The Search For Syrup (1)

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 In this delicious 860-word picture book, written by Tori Deal and co-written and illustrated by Vira, two sweet friends set out on a journey to find out what has happened to their beloved syrup.  They travel through a fantastical world of Fruit Forests, Muffin Mountains, and Milky Rivers. Along the way, they meet other original characters who teach them about friendship and inclusion. When they finally reach the Pancake Palace and meet the Pancake Princess, who is selfishly hiding the only syrup left in the land, they must convince her that sharing and making friends is much better than being alone with her riches.

Publisher:Bumble Pea LLC (December 16, 2020)
Paperback:40 pages
Reading age:4 – 8 years
Item Weight:5.4 ounces
Dimensions:11 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches