Win a £100 Spotify Gift Card
Win a £100 Spotify Gift Card

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In recent years, competition has been growing in the music streaming platforms business with everyone battling to win your ears. However, Spotify, which has been present since 2008, is deemed to be everyone’s favorite and has maintained its position at the very top. The mobile music streaming platform gives its users access to a huge library of music in just a few clicks.

Spotify has gradually improved over the years in terms of design, music sharing capabilities, usability, and most importantly, streaming quality. All these changes and upgrades paved the path for Spotify to win the hearts of many who love and enjoy music in addition to granting it the top spot as the best music streaming app out there. The revolution brought about by this company and its global success has led to ever-growing competition from other giant mobile technology companies that include; TIDAL, Apple Music, Google Play Music as well as Youtube Music.

What Makes Spotify the Best Streaming App

It Offers Variation

Spotify has invested nearly £200 million to turn itself into a one-stop-shop for all of your music needs putting them always ahead of their competitors. With Spotify, you will find everything that other companies have and more. Their number one asset of course is the huge library of songs which are in the millions in addition to playlists that are created by either Spotify or other mobile app users. There’s pretty much nothing that you can’t find here. From musical content, video content, podcasts, to content specially created by artists. No wonder Spotify has solidified its spot as the best app in the industry.

Habit Analysis

Using artificial intelligence and data sifting technology has enabled the company to study and analyze your listening habits and ultimately making recommendations tailored to cater to your needs. This comes in the form of playlists and other suggestions based on artists or genres that you listen to regularly.  It is all about ensuring that they provide you with personalized overall user experience when listening or discovering new music.

New Songs Every Week

One of Spotify’s popular features is the ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist which is refreshed on a weekly basis with 30 new songs selected based on your listening habits and what songs and genres you love listening to.

With all that’s been said, it is no surprise that Spotify has been and still is, the number one favorite mobile streaming app for many users around the globe. The mobile app features, design, user experience, advanced technology, and shareability capabilities have all contributed to the app’s massive success with over 100 million monthly active users.

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