Win Argos Gift Card balance £500
Win Argos Gift Card balance £500

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Argos Gift Card

An Argos UK eGift Card is the best way to purchase shiny new stuff with ease.

Argos UK is amongst the popular retailers of a huge variety of products that include electrical appliances, jewellery, sports equipment, gardening tools and DIY, toys, furniture, and much more. Not only is Argos UK a trusted UK brand, but it also represents value as well as convenience. Argos UK has more than 800 stores and sells pretty much all product lines with amazing prices and availability.

Argos Gift Card balance

Two types of gift cards are issued; Plastic gift card and E-gift card. You can always check the balance through the online balance checker or by calling the number on the back of the card.

Plastic/Card gift card: 

This card can be bought either from an Argos UK store or online. They usually expire after about 3 years from the purchase date but some cards can last for up to 10 years or more. You can use your Argos gift card either online or at any store and only 3 cards can be used for online purchases. There’s also the option of making reservations online and then paying at the Argos store using the gift card. When this Argos gift card is used at any store, a new one is issued with the remaining balance, however, using it online will leave the balance on the same gift card.

E-gift card:

This Argos gift card can only be bought from the Argos UK website and it expires after about 2 years.

You can always check the balance on your gift cards by visiting the Argos website. All you have to have to do is log in to your account and then click on My Accounts and then on Gift Cards. Alternatively, you can just call 0345 on the back of the card and a customer service representative will address any inquiry that you may have.

Cards bought from other retailers:

These are cards that you can find at other shops such as Sainsbury’s, Shell, WHSmith, etc. These cards have no PIN though which means that you can’t use them to make purchases online or check to your Argos gift card balance. They are usually referred to as Gift A-Card to differentiate them from the normal Gift Cards.

Argos Gift Card

Argos gift cards are great for purchasing items at affordable prices and you can as well sell the gift cards if they are no longer needed. Start saving money now and enjoy amazing discounts next time you visit any Argos UK store,

For official information, visit the Argos website,

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