Win Xbox One Free with Kinect!
Win Xbox One Free with Kinect!

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Xbox One doesn’t need an introduction. If we’re to talk about next-generation gaming, then this console sets the bar very high. This console gives you full access to the most exclusive games to be released this year. You have a chance to enjoy some of this year’s biggest and exclusive Xbox blockbusters that include Halo5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider as well as Forza Motorsport 6. With hundreds of thousands of servers, you are guaranteed to enjoy the most stable and high-performing advanced multiplayer on Xbox Live. This groundbreaking console comes with 1TB of internal storage that lets you save and store all your favorite games without ever worrying about running out of space. You can also stream, watch Netflix, and check other apps and switch between them without losing your game progress. Enjoy the best gaming experience available on the market. Get to know this powerful console more below.

Win Xbox One Free with Kinect!

Enjoy the most advanced multiplayer experience with your friends on this Xbox One. Backed by countless of servers that will help you and your friends achieve absolute gaming greatness with reduced lag and cheating. Xbox One lets you play with your other friends who own the console, in addition to, any gamers with a Windows 10 PC. Xbox One multiplayer stems its reputation from its players. This player-powered multiplayer gaming system is every gamer’s dream.

Win Xbox One Free with Kinect!

With Xbox, you can merge your gaming with all other entertainment options. This console lets you quickly switch between games, live TV and other apps without losing your game progress. Furthermore, the Xbox One gives you access to multiple entertainment choices such as Skype, iPlayer, Netflix, EA Access, YouTube, and much more. You can even receive multiplayer invites while watching live TV and Blu-ray movies. Enjoy OneGuide, a personalized entertainment guide that assists you across live TV. And if you love snapping a live stream or recording a tutorial while you play then this Xbox One is the right console for you!

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